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Växter Och Trädgård ÖvrigtPosted by jonas Thu, March 11, 2010 19:27:36
Jag köper de flesta växterna från Europa (och Sverige).
Här är små intervjuer jag har gjort med några av mina favoritförsäljare.
Håll till godo !!!!!!!!!!!!

4 frågor till Hans-Peter Maier - Flora Toskana (Tyskland)

Name 3 plants that need to be in a Mediterranean garden.

The three species, essentially for a garden designed in the mediterranean style, are in my opinion olive (Olea europaea), a palm (e.g. Trachycarpus fortunei) and some kind of citrus (e.g. lemon, orange, kumquat). If you would have expected Laurus nobilis in the list - it's smell is typical, but the optic is standard (green leaves, shrubby...). Oleander (Nerium oleander) is contantly flowering, but the flowers are not exotic enough to gain a mention in the list. If I could name more than three, I would put in additon: Agapanthus, Ficus carica, Punica granatum, and a lot more....

What is your favorite plant (tree, shrub, palm ....) ?

Unfortunateley my favorite species doesn't belong to the mediterranean flora, but to the tropics: Plumeria. The flowers are perfectly formed like jewels, last for weeks (the flowering period in total lasts for month!), the parfume is great and the growth is individual.

What to think about if you want to plant Mediterranean plants
in which Sweden, colder country.

To try something exceeds over just studying it. So I appreciate people, who take the chance to leave the tradition and try something new. So I would never say: "A palm does not fit in a northern garden". You first have to proof it - and then you can make your judgement. Everybody, who invests some time in winter-protection can upgrade his garden with lots and lots of fantastic fauna - e.g. in Sweden.

Favorite Country and place around the Mediterranean ?
Again, my favorites can't be found in the classic mediterranean area unfortunateley. The reason: mediterranean climates occur all over the world from australia, over japan, until africa or south america. We had been lucky to travel around once in South Africa - a fantastic region for plant lovers with Protea, Strelitzia, Agapanthus, Aloe dichtoma and a lot, lot more... If I could choose to open a second shop of Flora Toskana, I would do it in South Africa...

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