Palmtips Från (Holland)

Växter Och Trädgård ÖvrigtPosted by jonas Thu, March 11, 2010 20:37:01
Jag köper de flesta växterna från Europa (och Sverige).
Här är små intervjuer jag har gjort med några av mina favoritförsäljare.
Håll till godo !!!!!!!!!!!!

4 frågor till Rory Whittle - (Holland)

Mention at least one palm that you must have in the garden.

The plant that really springs to mind is the Trachycarpus wagnerianus. This is an extremely hardy, compact growing palm whose leaves are better resistant to wind than, for example the Trachycarpus fortunei. This means that it retains a strong, architectural form from its bonsai-like youth until maturity. It is the palm best suited to cultivation in Northern Europe.

What is your favorite palm And your favorite tree, shrub,.....?

Besides Trachycarpus wagnerianus, I am particularly fond of Sabal minor; rather ungainly in youth it acquires an elegance in maturity. And plants such as Brahea armata, again an architectural plant but the colour (glaucous blue) has to be seen to be believed. My favourite tree would have to be the Eucayptus; again in its various forms the combination of leaf and bark colours are stunning. But the best thing about the Eucalyptus is the sound; the leaves rustling in the wind is about the most soothing sound in nature. And my favourite shrub - well, I'm very fond of bamboos. How about Phyllostachys nigra, the beautiful black-stemmed bamboo. Not as invasive as other Phyllostachys types but ideally suited with root border to the edge of a pond, so that the dark stems reflect in the water.

What to think about if you want to plant palms in which Sweden, colder country ?

The main plant killer in combination with cold is water. Be aware of the characteristics of your plant and of the micro-climate in your garden and keep vulnerable areas such as plant spears and crowns dry. But in my personal experience the main killer is being too late; get your fleece and mulch ready before hand and get your plant protected on time!

Favorite Country and place around the world ?
I am fond of alpine countries and so regularly visit Switzerland and Austria. One day I hope to get to the Scandinavian mountains, maybe also the lakes but I don't like the insects!

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